Martes, Nobyembre 18, 2014

Gone Seoul Searching in South Korea the 2nd Time Around

It's been a friggin' while. I have been so busy planning my life out reason that I was on a pretty long hiatus.

Anyway, I am back and I am hoping to be on regularly. Well I'm finally home after my 2nd trip to South Korea, the country I dub--the land of cuteness (yes, Seoul specifically is a really cute city). Gee the place just never fails to astound me. This time though, we got to experience the Autumn season and it just couldn't be any less perfect, I tell you.

So with no further adieu, I would like to share to you a music video I have edited and shot (pardon the shaky shots). This video basically captured everything that me and my family did during the blissful trip. Thank you so much vimeo for not being such a pain in the butt unlike youtube who kept on flagging us because we used the song Best Day of Our Lives by the American Authors.

Here is the link.

Enjoy! Thank you. :-)

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